Flask Lists

We use Flask.com to create several collaborative lists to support our immersive experience.  No login or password is required to read or add to these lists. You can simply click on the link to view and add to the lists.  Please see the below information on the lists we maintain and the short video tutorial to guide you in how to use this resource.


Questions for DrKF and team

This is a repository for any questions you’d like to ask during the Live Q&A sessions. Each question should be added as a “task”.  Simply type where it says “Write your next task here…” and hit enter.  Please add your name to the end of your question to help facilitate further discussion. To add a question, simply follow the link in your left menu

Please keep in mind that Flask.com does have a text limitation.  You will need to keep your Q&A questions brief in order to add them to the list.  If you simply can’t add a question – try shortening it.

If you have questions or need additional support, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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