Samantha Bucur

Educational Programs Coordinator and Office Assistant

Samantha Bucur is the Educational Programs Coordinator and Office Assistant at Dr. Kara Fitzgerald’s Clinic in Sandy Hook CT. Her Functional Medicine journey began when she became a patient at the clinic. Through her healing process, she became aware of the value of finding the root cause of symptoms, and asked to join the team!

Always willing to tackle a new project, Sam is a conceptual thinker and quick to pick up new talents. She has a broad range of experience working in event setup and maintenance, animal care and customer service. She is a proven self-motivated worker who owns her own business selling handmade costumes, digital and traditional artwork.

Sam attended the University of Hartford Art School, excelling in illustration and sculpture. She is a multi-talented artist who spends most of her free time drawing, painting, or sculpting. She considers herself a true nature lover, always excited for a long hike or camping trip and on the hunt for local wildlife; camera in hand!