Free Teach-In with Dr. Samuel Yanuck

A Conversation For Clinicians About COVID-19

 Teach-Ins continue to be a favorite component of our educational programs for clinicians. These are often unscripted (and unpolished!), open dialogues where participants get to engage live with experts in their field. We find this the most effective way to allow for active community engagement and frank, real-world discussions.

COVID-19 solutions are an important and evolving conversation amongst clinicians. We know that interventions are speculative at best, since it will take time for more definitive research to be completed and published. However, our existing understanding of the inner workings of the immune system, plus early data from outbreak areas gives us clues as to what we might be thinking about. Dietary, nutraceutical, and lifestyle interventions, as discussed here, are considered very safe and therefore low-risk options.

In this Teach-In, Dr. Yanuck shares his deep knowledge of immune function and how he is thinking through addressing the risks of COVID-19 with his patients.

“It’s essential that natural approaches for patients with SARS-Cov2 do two things: support efficient anti-viral immune surveillance and also quiet inflammation, so there’s enough room for the inherently inflammatory process of killing pathogens to take place without moving the patient too close to the threshold of ARDS manifestation.”

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Please note that the opinions shared in this webinar are those of our respected colleague, Dr. Samuel Yanuck, and do not necessarily represent those of Dr. Kara Fitzgerald and her team. 

About Dr. Yanuck

Dr. Samuel Yanuck is CEO and Director of Education for, an online functional immunology course that has well over 3,000 clinician participants from more than 60 countries around the world.

He is an adjunct assistant professor in the Program on Integrative Medicine, in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, where he teaches topics in functional immunology.

With his wife, Cheryl Yanuck, MD, a psychiatrist, Dr. Yanuck runs the Yanuck Center for Life and Health, a functional medicine clinic in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where he’s been seeing patients from everywhere since 1992.