Putting the Lyme Bug “Back in the Box”

Listen in as Dr. Sult describes his thoughts about putting the Lyme bug “back in the box”.

Often in Functional Medicine, we are faced with challenging and complex patient cases. The genius of the Functional Medicine approach is the ability to organize complex layers using the IFM Matrix, Timeline, and ATM tools.

We had to share this powerful reminder from Dr. Sult.  His approach to Chronic Lyme really resonates with us because he stresses the importance of using a full functional approach and leaning on the IFM Matrix at every patient encounter.  He approaches even his most challenging patients with humility and reminds us that treating these patients takes time and it is usually “not the heroic interventions” that play the biggest role in affecting patient outcomes.

Want to hear more pearls from Dr. Sult about managing patients with Tick-borne illness?  Listen to the full  90-minute discussion with Dr. Fitzgerald from his Teach-In.


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