Open Access Teach-Ins

Elemental Diets

Dr. Corey Schuler, IT

Strategies for Lyme Disease

Mary-Beth Charno, RN, MSN, APRN-C


Dr. Corey Schuler from Integrative Therapeutics

Dr. Corey Schuler, IT



Robert Luby MD, IFM’s Executive Director of Medical Education, presents a memorable case in the matrix

Dr. Robert Luby, IFM


Ketogenic Diets In Practice

Romilly Hodges MS CNS CN IFMCP


“What I’ve Learned About Practicing Medicine” with Founding Father of Functional Medicine Dr. Sidney Baker

Dr. Sidney Baker


Practice Management Options and Strategies

Dr. Dan Kalish


Diagnosis of Enteropathy, Including IBS, SIBO, Methane BLOOM & Gut Microbiome Dysbiosis: A Primer for Functional Medicine Specialists

Dr. William Salt

Lecture + Q&A: GI Evaluation

Dr. Richard Lord


Lecture + Q&A: GI Evaluation

Dr. Richard Lord

Functional Medicine Approaches to Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

Dr. Keith McCormick

Male/Female Hormone & Cortisol Dried Urine Testing 101

Dr. Carrie Jones

Thyroid Assessment from a Functional Medicine Perspective: Case Studies

Dr. Dan Lukaczer, Director of Medical Education, IFM

Tick-Borne Illness

Dr. Thomas Sult

Intervention and Treatment Strategies for Lyme Disease

Mary-Beth Charno, RN, MSN, APRN-C

High-Fat Diets: Exploring the Nuances of Animal Studies and their Translation to Human Outcomes

Dr. Craig Warden

Functional Medicine Approaches to Depression

Dr. Robert Hedaya

Organic Acids Testing

Dr. William Shaw

Foundations in Toxic Metals Assessment and Detoxification

Dr. David Quig

The Functional Movement: An inspiring discussion with founding father, Dr. Jeffrey Bland

Dr. Jeffrey Bland

Armin Laboratory Testing and Methodology

Dr. Armin Schwarzbach

Encoding Symptoms and

Dr. Sidney Baker

Foundational Review of GI Issues

Dr. Dan Lukaczer

Interpreting Antibody Patterns in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Dr. Susan Blum

The Fasting Mimicking Diet and ProLon

Dr. James Kelley

Pediatric Autism: An overview of the medical challenges facing children with autism

Dr. Liz Mumper

Generative Informatics in Clinical Practice

Dr. Peter D’Adamo

Assessment of GI Microbiota as Part of an Integrative Approach to Autoimmune Disease: Leaving the Era of Reaction & Entering the New Proactive Era of Prediction

Dr. David Brady

Lifestyle Medicine and the Methylome

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald


Compounding Pharmacies with Dr. Michelle Violi from Women’s International Pharmacy

Dr. Michelle Violi


IGeneX Lunch & Learn (BONUS)

Recorded: Coming Soon

Thinking Beyond Typical Dietary Protocols; When More is Needed

Julie Matthews

Recorded: Coming Soon

Fireside Chat with Tom Blue about Fx Med Practice Models and Strategies

Tom Blue, IFM

Recorded: Coming Soon

The Future Is Here: How DNA Sequencing Can Lead to Improved Clinical Outcomes in Autism

Dr. Richard G. Boles

Recorded: Coming Soon