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I am so glad you decided to join me, my team, and our larger community. After my training, I did a post doc and residency where I had smart colleagues around me and was mentored closely. During that time, we had regular grand round meetings, brought in clinical experts and we nurtured each other. This allowed me to develop confidence to work even with puzzling cases and led to incredible job satisfaction. That early influence became a cornerstone of the model I wanted to develop in my own clinical world.

The Functional Medicine Clinic Immersion grew out of our inability to meet the demand from practitioners wanting to shadow at our clinic. We developed an experience that mimics the early days of my career. It provides clinicians with mentorship, live discussions and community, just like I had.

What we’ve created is rich, engaging access to a community of inspired practitioners, experts and scientists. Ultimately, our goal is to support you as a Functional Medicine colleague, and in doing so keep moving the paradigm of Functional Medicine forward.

– Kara Fitzgerald ND


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